44 Product Ideas to Sell Online in 2024 for Your eCommerce Store

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eCommerce is an integral part of our daily lives, and each year it’s becoming more prominent. In 2022, the industry grew by 7.7%. Considering it already had a significant market value, eCommerce sales are showing no signs of slowing down in the foreseeable future.

Because of this, it’s an excellent idea for small businesses, entrepreneurs, and you, to start developing online stores.

Before anyone dives headfirst into this industry, the main question is, “what do you sell online?”.

There are tons of competition, industries, target audiences, and trending products you can promote online. But what’s that evergreen product that’ll sell for years to come?

To better understand what products could potentially provide you years of income, you’ll want to familiarize yourself with the below. Here are 44 product ideas to sell online in 2024 for your eCommerce store.

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Consumer Electronics and Accessories

An excellent place to start your eCommerce product research can be the electronic industry. They’re innovative, creative, addictive to purchase, and usually have strong trend patterns. Because of this, products within this category can be highly lucrative if you develop a brand around them.

1. Electric scooters – With an average sale of around $300, electric scooters are a great place to start for those with larger budgets. Between 2021 and 2028, the market itself is looking to increase by 13.7 percent.

2. Virtual reality headsets – Additionally, virtual reality headsets are the new gaming electronic that everyone is raving about. Both VR and AR headsets have increased rapidly, as shown by this chart.

3. Smart speakers – Along with the above, anything smart does remarkably well. However, smart speakers, we take a particular liking to. A device like this targets a large target audience, meaning lots of opportunities to generate sales.

4. Vapor products – All vapor products are a hot topic right now. They’re reusable, which creates evergreen sales, people enjoy them, and it’s meant to be the “healthier” version of smoking, which is already a huge industry. The top markets for this product in 2018 are the USA, UK, and France.

Baby and Childcare

Including the above, the baby and childcare industry is always becoming increasingly more popular. The population is increasing, and there are 250 babies born every minute worldwide. Because of this, the industry is and will continue to be evergreen.

5. Hair accessories – Although you can purchase children or baby hair accessories from local stores, you can turn them into something more unique—for example, cartoons, cheaper alternatives, special colors, etc.

6. Caddy organizers – When you have a baby, being organized is a number one priority. Therefore, make it easy for the parents—supply organizers, which can conveniently benefit their lives.

7. Baby carriers – Reversible baby carriers are the perfect balance between transportation and bonding. With these, you can strap a baby onto your back or chest comfortably, which eliminates the usages of a stroller.

8. Stroller extras – As showcased by Grand View Research, the stroller industry is increasing yearly. However, something not present within the community is additional extras you can add to the stroller, improving its overall performance and compatibility. Find out what the current issue is with strollers and find an attachment that solves it.

Pets and Animal Care

Another highly prominent industry within the online space is pets and animal care. Nearly 50% of households within America reportedly have pets. This figure alone should be enough to solidify why the industry itself could be lucrative.

9. Automatic feeding bowls – Technology is booming, so why not mix both industries? With automatic feeding bowls, both the pet owners and the pet themselves receive an astronomical number of benefits.

10. Pet monitors – household pets are left alone during the day when you’re performing other daily tasks like work, shopping, or visiting family. Because of this, it can become problematic to keep an eye on your pet’s activity. That’s when pet monitors come in hand. With these, you can monitor the behavior and act on the issues by calling their name through a speaker.

11. Humor toys – In pet stores, you can purchase an array of different toys for your beloved pets. However, humor or niched-styled toys aren’t present in brick-and-mortar shops. Therefore, there’s a gap online to start selling them.

Travel Accessories

Although travel took a tumble during the pandemic in 2020, it’s starting to increase in certain countries slowly. Traveling is an essential element of everybody’s lives, and the majority of households in the US have at least one holiday a year. However, everyone fancies a different type of holiday, such as winter sports, summer getaways, or exploration. Because of the prominent industry, there are many micro-niches which you may want to become established in.

12. Passport & card organizers – A passport is essential for seamless transportation if you leave the country or travel by plane. However, the problem is their bulky. This, along with your wallet, can become an issue in your limited storage space. So, why not combine them?

13. Travel bungees – There are many different variations of this product that suit a particular need. This could be used to identify suitcases, secure additional luggage onto your suitcase, or help carry more equipment on the outside of your rucksack. Whatever it may be, selling a universal bungee that suits all applications would be highly ideal.

14. On-the-go products – When you’re traveling, there are many daily on-the-go products you need that aren’t commonly found in retail stores. Products like laundry detergent, shower goods, shaving creams, and various everyday items which can be supplied in small packages would be excellent.

Jewelry and Fashion Accessories

It’s evident that the fashion and jewelry industry should be something you consider when developing ideas for an eCommerce store. Both the industry’s markets are estimated to be in the billions. However, there’s a lot of hierarchy competition that you’ll need to bypass to reach your ideal customer. It’s a challenging industry, but undoubtedly one which could make you some substantial profits.

15. Personalized jewelry – Everybody loves personalized goods; they tell stories, hold more understanding, and are perfect for gifts. By selling personalized jewelry on an eCommerce platform, you could generate an incredible number of sales. However, you’ll want a solid return policy and procedures to ensure optimal product quality with goods like this.

16. Meaningful fashion accessories – Consider selling fashion accessories that looks stylish but provide everyday benefits to a user. For example, people love to wear lanyards, and they give the wearer easy access to their keys or badges, etc.

17. Sunglasses – Many people adore branded sunglasses, but there’s a gap in the market for cheap replicates. The market is estimated to increase by 4.2% from 2021 to 2027, so there are no signs of this slowing down soon.

Health and Beauty

The global health and beauty industry is expected to almost hit 3/4 of a billion by 2025. People adore this industry, and there’s sound reasoning for it. Women and men worldwide like to look good, feel confident, and ensure they have physically pleasing assets. Being human, this is part of our natural nature, and it’ll continue like this until foreseeable. Because of this reason, being established and keeping up with trends could create an evergreen business.

18. Hair growth serum –The figure for hair loss has never been more significant in people under 30 today. It’s suggested that around 20% of US residence lose hair in their 20s. Although being bald seems pleasing to some people, many want to avoid this at all costs. Therefore, offering hair growth serums to reduce this problem could be a big seller.

19. Strip lashes – Women enjoy wearing all types of makeup and accessories to make themselves look the way they want. A product that’s becoming increasingly popular is strip lashes. These are fake eyelashes that can be glued onto your existing ones. They provide more volume, length and look fantastic when applied correctly. The only major issue is that professional lash fitters are extremely expensive at times, meaning the “do-it-yourself” lashes could be an open market.

20. Electric muscular stimulators – The most famous electric muscular stimulator is one that targets the abdominal muscles. It uses electrical pulses to force the muscles to contract, making them more defined over time.

Smartphone Accessories

You likely own a smartphone, considering almost 80% of Americans have one. From understanding this, we can certainly suggest that the market potential for this industry is virtually endless. You can undergo many avenues within the smartphone accessory industry, from gaming, fashion, or a more personalized route. Whatever it might be, if priced reasonably, there’s certainly room to make a successful eCommerce store.

21. Personalized cases – This is self-explanatory, but since smartphones were released onto the market, personalized cases have been a phenomenon. They provide the consumer a customized edge to their phone, and it really makes it theirs. It’s recommended to have a case on your smartphone to increase its longevity. If you mix both extremely durable with personalization, you’ll undoubtedly be a winner.

22. Solar-powered chargers – Chargers or any other solar-powered devices like speakers will also work superbly. More people than ever are aware of climate change, and the potential problems that arise around the globe from electricity. Therefore, developing a brand around solar accessories will be another tremendous business model which few are currently doing.

23. Smartphone projectors – Another product craze that many smartphone users are currently experiencing are projectors. The product itself, a projector, has been around for years. However, it’s recently been transformed into something that is compactable with smart devices. Now users can stream videos from their small smartphone screen onto a wall with a projector.


Another well-established industry is homeware. There’s an obvious indication as to why the industry itself does so well. Within a house, apartment, room, or anything else for that matter, requires furniture and products which aid our day-to-day life. To become prominent in this eCommerce industry, you’ll want to sell products that add to somebody’s life or look aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

24. Coffee makers – Anything that involves coffee has popular demand. The industry is increasing yearly and took a significant jump back in 2018. Coffee makers, grinders, mugs, and other relatable appliances all work superbly if you can target the right individuals. Many people in the industry much prefer to order coffee equipment and the beans themselves from micro-businesses. This is primarily because large organizations show less quality in their products and produce than smaller coffee businesses.

25. Blenders – A key example of blenders working as a product to sell on an eCommerce store is Nutribullet. Starting from a single product, their trademarked Nutribullet blender, they’ve managed to establish themselves within the home and kitchenware industry by offering an abundance of different helpful appliances.

26. Art – If you’re an artist or take a particular liking to the industry, then selling customized, handmade, or premade art might be something of interest. Within this category of homeware, you can dive into micro-niches such as neon lighting, glass portraits, unique firepits, etc. As you can see, the possibilities are endless and something you can really branch out.


Additionally to the above, clothing could be another superb industry to develop an eCommerce store around. The only downside to this is that you’ll need to be heavily invested in the community. For most, clothing is an essential factor in their lives. Because of this, you’ll need to become a well-establish brand that holds character, looks unique, and offers the fashion community in-trend goods.

27. Retro-styled clothing – You can supply an abundance of clothing styles to people within the fashion industry. One of the trending styles is retro clothing. In recent years, retro-styled clothes have become increasingly popular. Many fashion fanatics are starting to reminisce about the past style trends, baggy jeans, long polo tops, leather boots, and much more. Having a retro-themed clothing store or reselling retro branded clothing would work immensely within this industry.

28. Phone straps – As mentioned above, almost everybody living in the United States owns a smartphone. Because of this, selling accessories based around the industry can become highly lucrative. The new trend of both fashion and smartphones is smartphone strap cases. With these, the user can conveniently have their smartphone dangling before them while applying an added layer of style to their outfit.

29. Affordable bags – It’s evident that most women love bags, and mostly the expensive type. Although this is true because of the brand, some look visually pleasing to the eye. For both these reasons, they decide on the purchase. However, what if you can develop replicates (following trademark rules) and price them at a much more inexpensive rate? This could be an ideal product to start selling on your eCommerce store.

Workout and Exercise

All fitness categories grew by 170% during the pandemic lockdown. Sport classes, gyms, and other means of fitness activities come to a complete halt. This made fitness fanatics question whether to ever pay for a gym membership again. Although some returned, others didn’t. For this reason, the industry for workout and exercise equipment has continued to skyrocket. Globally, there are continuous threats of more lockdowns because of this pandemic. Due to this, there will never be a better time to become involved within the industry than now.

30. Adjustable dumbbells – Most people are strapped for space within their homes, and a whole range of different weighted dumbbells can be considerably expensive and bulky. Because of this, inventors have developed the adjustable dumbbell, which is now widely available worldwide. Currently, there aren’t any leading brands offering this product. Instead, it’s a typical item shipped from China. Therefore, if you can develop a prestigious brand around this product, people will feel more inclined to purchase yours than competitors.

31. Heavy-duty resistance bands – When performing workouts, there are various pieces of equipment you’ll want to incorporate to ensure maximum growth and benefits. That’s why the resistance band was created because it allows forces in both directions, causing the muscles to be activated continuously. However, these are usually found in extremely light tension weights, meaning there’s an open opportunity for heavier duty resistance bands.

32. Plated kettlebells – Similarly to the above, you can also consider selling plated kettlebells. Instead of buying different weights, they come equipped with weighted plates. With this, you can increase or decrease the weight to ensure optimal workout performance.

Medical Supplies

As you can imagine, within recent years, medical supplies have taken a steep increase in revenue. This can sometimes be a harsh industry to become present. However, you’re able to find products that don’t have to be certified yet provide medical benefits. For eCommerce purposes, you might want to avoid medical supplies that are consumed or alter the body because the legal issues you could potentially run into are huge.

33. Wearables – The most common wearable is a smartwatch. These devices give users an overview of their health, such as their heart rate, total daily calories burned, and various other metrics. This radically improves the doctor-patient relationship because they can identify problems much easier from looking at the supplied data.

34. Non-contact thermometers – A prominent symptom of coronavirus is body temperature. Therefore, many commercial and residential owners have started using non-contact thermometers to determine whether to let someone onto the property or not. By implementing this, it’s dramatically decreasing the infection rates of those that enter.

35. Verified and rated masks – There are two types of masks that most countries accept: the FFP3 and fabric-like material types. The FFP3 can be purchased and sold from wholesalers. However, the fabric type can be customized, handmade, and created into fashionable pieces.

Toys and Hobbies

An industry that is more eCommerce-friendly is toys and hobbies. It’s packed with many different opportunities depending on your niche. You can dive into arts, dinosaurs, teddy bears, or as far as train modeling, etc. With an industry like this, it’s best to become established in a niche that you’re knowledgeable about. It’ll make the development process much more straightforward and beneficial.

36. DIY crafts – If you’re good at making crafts with paper, cardboard, glass, candles, or anything that holds an artistic format, then selling your own crafts may be something of interest. This type of store will take a while to bring up from the ground, but once you’ve built some momentum and started establishing yourself, it could be a great business model.

37. Art supplies – This niche will always be popular within the toys and hobbies industry. In most places around the world, art supply stores aren’t largely present. Because of this, many artists choose to order their supplies online. You could make a lucrative store from this by advertising extra unique supplies and offering the usual extras.

38. Branded toys – The reason brands are so successful is because people love them. Therefore, why not join the bandwagon? Selling branded toys as wholesale is an excellent business model if you can find a supplier that’ll provide reasonable pricing. Alternatively, you could look into reselling retro toys. The target audience will be much different, but you can make yourself much more present in the market doing it this way.

Kitchen and Cooking

Another popular industry is kitchen and cooking. Let’s all come to a mutual agreement; we all love food. It’s incredible, and cooking in the kitchen gives everyone satisfaction. However, various pieces of equipment just aren’t available in everyday stores. Because of this, there’s an excellent window of opportunity to start selling innovative kitchen products.

39. Electric can opener – The first concept of a can opener was created in 1858, and it’s come a long way since then. This old-fashioned mechanism recently got an upgrade and can now be purchased in an electronic matter. Although this shouldn’t be magnificent, it eliminates a common issue if you consider the elderly or individuals who cannot open cans due to strength-related problems.

40. Touch-screen equipment – When developing an eCommerce store, technology should be a priority. Newly released or never-seen-before gadgets always interest people. Therefore, you’ll want to consider selling touch-screen equipment related to the kitchen and cooking. Everyday items such as a blender, toaster, coffee machine, milk frother, you name it, anything that could be used with a touch-screen, people love.

Eco-friendly Products

Globally, people are aware of what’s happening to our planet and how humans can reduce these problems. Therefore, enrolling in the eco-friendly industry could be beneficial.

41. Coffee cups – Over a billion coffee cups end up in landfills that aren’t recycled each year. This number is astronomical and needs to be actioned on; that’s your selling point. Millions upon millions of people globally drink coffee every day, meaning there’s a massive market for this type of product.

42. Food covers – I’m sure we can all raise our hands and admit that we’ve used a plastic bag to cover our sandwiches one time in our life. I think 99% of the entire United States population has, which is very bad for our environment. Therefore, you can reduce this problem by selling food covers.

Protection and Security

The last industry we want to suggest is protection and security. Products within this category are easier to sell than others because the marketing materials are much more effective. They showcase problems within our everyday lives that could be eliminated or reduced with small gimmicks and devices.

43. Doorbell cameras – In 2020 alone, Amazon sold 1.4 million of their own-branded video doorbells. However, this was only accountable for 18% of the total doorbell camera sales during this year, meaning another 82% of brands received the other sales. This remarkable figure is something that’s going to continue to skyrocket. Their unique, offer immense benefits and are affordable to purchase.

44. Personal alarms – Additionally, personal alarms have moved with technology. From a device that used to let off a loud siren to something that contacts important pre-saved numbers of your location, the evolution of this equipment has been astonishing.


After reading the above, you should have a solid idea of what products to sell in eCommerce. All of the above are great starting points, but you’ll want to ensure that you have a sound business plan to get your products off the floor.

You may also want to explore what sorts of digital items you can sell if you’re interested in that.

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What makes a product suitable to sell online?

In the world of eCommerce, there are a ton of different products you can launch. But, although you have access to this large variety of goods, it doesn’t mean all of them will be successful. That being said, what makes a product suitable to sell online? Here are the four primary factors:

  • After product research, you can determine that they’re in demand
  • The target audience suggested by your product research should be clear and easy to identify
  • It’s not an oversaturated product from other retailers
  • Whichever product you choose shouldn’t require any legal considerations or testing (lotions, skin creams, or consumables, If they do, you should get these white-labelled and ensure they already have certification for the country you’re selling them in). Including this, try to sell and ship solid items. Glass, clay, or any fragile material can easily become damaged.

How to identify the best product for your eCommerce store?

The number of potential products you could sell is amazing as ECommerce allows you to branch out and promote whatever your heart desires. However, it doesn’t mean that every product will provide you with a living. Because of this, you’ll want to develop the skill of identifying the true winners. Here are ways to find products that’ll produce sales:

  • Must solve a customer pain point
  • It has to appeal to a target audience
  • You must be passionate about the industry, niche, customer, and product
  • Having personal experiences with the product will undoubtedly help
  • Ensure the product is trending but not oversaturated
  • Develop comprehensive research to discover what people currently think of the product
  • Make sure you have a large enough profit margin (consider shipping, website costs, marketing, and everything that costs you to sell the product) while still maintaining competitive pricing
  • Conduct research on search, social media, and other advertising platforms to see if the product is performing well
  • Never be afraid to conduct in-depth research and scrap a product at the last second

What types of products were in high demand in 2023?

In 2023, the following product categories were in high demand:

  1. Hi-Tech Products and Accessories: Including screen protectors, wireless charging stations, phone cases, and wearable devices.
  2. Consumer Electronics: TWS earphones, Bluetooth headphones, and drones were particularly popular.
  3. Car Accessories: Items like rear cameras, car LED lights, and car organizers saw increased demand.
  4. Smart Home Devices: Affordable smart home products like smart plugs, LED bulbs, and smart temperature sensors were trending.
  5. Bathroom Accessories: Products such as shower heads, toothbrush holders, and smart soap dispensers were sought after.
  6. Fashion Items: Trendy fashion accessories included kerchiefs, puffy sleeve clothes, and strapless bras.
  7. Fitness and Traveling Gear: Sports bottles, yoga mats, and resistance bands were popular among fitness enthusiasts.

These trends reflect the growing interest in technology, home improvement, personal comfort, and lifestyle products in 2023.

What are some trending products expected for 2024 and why?

In 2024, the following five products are expected to be highly sought after, each for specific reasons:

Smart Sleep Improvement Devices: The demand for these devices is driven by their proven effectiveness in enhancing sleep quality. This trend is supported by sleep experts who affirm the benefits of these technologies in improving sleep quality.

AI-Integrated Smart Doorbell Cameras: The increasing focus on home security and smart home technology is driving the demand for these devices. They offer advanced features like facial recognition and real-time alerts, making them popular among homeowners seeking to enhance their home security with smart technology.

Wireless Earbuds: These have become increasingly popular due to their convenience, superior sound quality, and advanced features like noise cancellation. Their demand is fueled by the continuous evolution in audio technology and the growing preference for wireless, portable devices.

These products highlight the overarching trends in technology, sustainability, health, and security, reflecting the evolving consumer preferences and technological advancements expected in 2024.

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