29 Ways to Promote Your Etsy Shop Effectively in 2024

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Etsy is an excellent marketplace for people wanting to buy or sell crafts, DIY-related items, and even bespoke goods. The sheer value this platform contains is immense, and 4.36 million sellers are taking full advantage of it.

Because this platform has so many sellers, it can be challenging to gain the traffic and conversions you genuinely deserve. On the Etsy platform itself, there are limited ways in which you’re able to promote your shop. However, if you’re looking for creative and innovative ways to skyrocket your sales, then you’re in the right place.

Below we go into detail about a multitude of different ways in which you’re able to promote your Etsy shop and start developing the sales you rightly deserve.

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1. Best ETSY courses

First things first, to successfully promote your Etsy shop, you need to become more knowledgeable of what you’re able to achieve within the platform. By understanding this, you’re maximizing your shop’s potential without investing too much time into learning new marketing tactics.

By far, this will be the most rewarding as you’ll be able to rinse and repeat the process for all your listings in the foreseeable future. Which, in my eyes, sounds like a much better trade-off than having to flush funds into new advertising platforms.

As we’re probably all aware, there’s one reliable place online which you can invest in inexpensive courses that hold great value. Yep, you guessed it, Udemy.

Within this platform, you’re able to find an abundance of different Etsy-related courses which can offer you extreme value. However, to save yourself time, hassle, and money, we’ve detailed the best three you should consider investing into.

Etsy 2023: Learn Etsy from a Top 1% Seller

This course by Lara Roxana Popa is excellent, and it’s been purchased by over 1,600 students. As stated by the name, Lara Roxana Popa is part of the 1% group in Etsy, and she’s ready to broadcast her knowledge to avid online sellers to ensure they create successful stores.

Within this course, Lara will teach you the following:

  • How to discover your target audience, product, and niche.
  • The importance of branding and why you should get it right.
  • The power that Etsy SEO withholds.
  • How to create reoccurring customers each time.

The above is just a brief overview of what you’re able to learn from this course. However, apart from this, there’s a whole deal more. If you’re looking to excel your Etsy store today, you need to consider investing in this course and following the guidance.

Etsy Marketing and SEO Mastery Course

The above course is great as it’ll teach you more than just generating sales. It’ll also talk about how Etsy works and various other helpful-to-know Etsy tips. But, if you’re solely looking for a course that is dedicated to helping you generate sales through SEO, then this next suggestion is the undisputed champion.

This course from Trissha Taylor has been enrolled by 2,700 plus students, mostly reviewing the product as “good”. From enrolling in this, you’ll learn detailed knowledge about how you can increase your Etsy shop’s visibility through SEO practices.

Unlike the above course, which details Etsy marketing as a broad topic, this one talks about how to nail your Etsy store’s SEO to a “T” and enhance your growth and sales.

Learn How to Build a Successful Etsy Shop

Another course I recommend you invest a small pot of cash into is “Learn How to Build A Successful Etsy Shop”. If you’re new to the platform, or you just have limited knowledge about creating true success on an online marketplace, then you should be considering this.

This course will cover some basic Etsy shop information, but it also holds great value in learning about promoting and excelling your business. Within this course, you’ll learn the following:

  • Under the importance of key phrase research for your shop and products.
  • How to optimize your listings to increase sales massively.
  • How to develop a good-looking Etsy store from scratch.

Again, the above is just a brief overview of what you’ll learn. But, included with this, is a whole lot more and it’s undoubtedly a course you should think about taking.

2. Keyword research

Something we’ve spoken about continuously in the courses above is SEO. For those who don’t know, SEO is the process of creating content aimed towards ranking for specific keywords in search engines.

For a better understanding, take this as an example. Let’s say you’re selling “Bespoke Father’s Day Mugs”. From this, you’ll want to angle your content towards optimizing for the key phrase “Bespoke Father’s Day Mugs”. By doing this, you’ll massively increase the possibilities of ranking your listing on platforms like Google.

For a better understanding of how to advertise your Etsy shop through SEO and find relatable keywords, read below:

Keyword Research Tools

It isn’t easy to find easy-to-rank for keywords without a keyword tool. Because of this, I have to recommend the following keyword tools:

  • Semrush
  • Ahrefs
  • Mangools

By using these keyword tools, you’re able to find low-difficulty keywords related to your product or niche in just a few clicks.

But remember, if you’re going to use these tools, consider the sheer power the Etsy domain has over others. One of the main ranking factors within search platforms is domain authority. Because Etsy undergoes millions of visitors each day, its domain authority is increasingly higher than many online retailers. From this, you’re able to rank much easier than you most probably expect.

However, finding keywords is great, but how do you optimize your Etsy content to rank in search platforms? Here’s how:

Tips on ranking your Etsy listings with SEO

  • Choose your shop name carefully – Consider developing some keyword research before finalizing your shop’s name. Think about this for a second. If you’re a Pokémon card re-seller on Etsy, you may not want to call the shop “Pokémon Cards”. This is because tens of thousands of different websites are trying to rank for the keyword “Pokémon Cards”. Because of this, the likelihood of your store ranking is dramatically decreased. To increase your chances of ranking, try calling yourself something less prevalent within the niche so that people can find your shop.
  • Select low-difficulty keywords and use them – When creating a listing, you’ll want to search for low-difficulty keywords related to the product. Once you’ve successfully achieved this, it’s time to put them into action. Although keyword stuffing isn’t recommended, here’s where you should consider placing your keywords so search engines can identify what you’re trying to achieve. In Etsy, you’ll want to place this in your tags, titles, categories, and descriptions.
  • Make the content engaging – Another crucial ranking factor for search engines is on-page time. This is how long each user spends on your page, and the longer they stay, the higher you’ll rank. But why? This is because search engines like Google want to show the best possible results to their users. Users staying on a specific page for a prolonged period of time indicates that people searching for that keyword enjoy looking at the page’s content.
  • Remember, SEO takes time – Something people find hard to comprehend is how long SEO really takes. Remember, Google is a machine, not a real person. Therefore, it’ll rank you accordingly depending on various requirements. Because of this, you shouldn’t expect any results between 6 to 12 months of your SEO journey.

If you’re not intrigued with the idea of using SEO in the attempts to promote your Etsy shop, don’t worry. Below we discuss a broad load of already-working promotional methods that many Etsy sellers take full advantage of.

3. Using social media

Something you should be considering is taking full advantage of social media. A good tactic to promote your Etsy shop with social media would be to create themed pages. If you’re in a niche industry, such as making clay pots, you can create Instagram and Facebook pages dedicated to pottery.

Here, you can upload content of you making clay pots and make satisfying videos that people can share. From this, you can start to gain popularity and include your Etsy shop’s URL in either the videos or the profile. Without a doubt, you’ll dramatically increase engagement and conversions because the audience is already targeted towards your niche.

4. Product roundup

Another lucrative method is to promote your Etsy shop is to develop a product roundup on either a blog or social media platform. This typically consists of the shop’s owner selecting a handful of products that suit a particular theme, for example, Summer.

From this, they’ll create content based around something like “Top 20 Summer Must-haves!”. Here they’ll list 20 of their summer-related products in the hopes people will find this appealing and want to purchase more than one item from the list.

5. Your audience

Next, if you’re looking for ways to how to promote your Etsy shop, you need to start understanding where your target audience is hanging around. Well, not physically, but online. Let’s say you sell BBQ equipment on Etsy. Your target audience will probably be 40+.

Because of this, you need to develop a deeper understanding of exactly where they’re hanging around online. According to this post, the generation Gen X (41 to 56 or people born between 1965 and 1980) spend most of their time on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

6. Blogging

Something else that can successfully promote your Etsy shop is blogging. Let’s take the clay pot shop as an example again. Here you’re able to create a blog all about pottery. From this, you can develop an audience that is already interested in the topic, and you can mention your Etsy shop in between posts.

Included with this, you can expand your business massively. If you’re a pottery expert, you can then go on to teach about pottery and maybe even sell the materials needed on your Etsy store. By doing this, the possibility of revenue is genuinely endless.

7. Email marketing & newsletters

Unfortunately, Etsy doesn’t allow you to gain access to your customer’s email list. However, if you can build a trusted relationship with your customers away from the platform, you can start developing a list and send them marketing content or newsletters.

By doing this, you can send them helpful tips, up-and-coming projects, discount codes, competitions, giveaways, and much more. If you’re going to advertise your shop through email marketing, you should consider Mailchimp.

8. Freebies & giveaways

Are you wanting to know how to advertise your Etsy shop with freebies and giveaways? Check this out. To make this effective, you’ll want your target audience or existing customers to perform a free action in exchange for a freebie. For example, you could send a newsletter with every order saying to customers, “Like, share and comment on my Facebook page for 10% off your next order”.

This will then give them an incentive to perform the action for you. From this, you’ll gain “free” publicity from an array of different people, which could have friends, family members, or colleagues that may be interested in your store.

9. Collaborate with similar brands

Another promotional tactic you’ll want to consider is collaborating with similar brands. Don’t get me wrong. If you’re a small clothing business, you don’t want to reach out to big names like Tommy Hilfiger. However, if you choose to collaborate with brands that are similar to you, both of you will benefit from each other’s customers. Some ways you can collaborate with similar brands is by:

  • Social Media – Here, you can share each other’s content or promote an offer that you’re both currently doing.
  • Guest blog – You can guest blog on a brand or niched website which shares similarities to your brand.
  • Products collaborations – To achieve this, you’ll want to develop a product with a similar brand and launch it on both of your stores. From this, you both take 50/50 profits, and each store gets each other’s customers.

10. Etsy promoted listings

If you’re struggling to gain clicks and impressions to your Etsy listings, you should probably consider promoting them within the platform. Etsy offers a promotional feature, which you can set daily budgets as low as $1. From this, you’re practically boosting your listing to the top of the page.

Some people have had outstanding results from this, and it’s super simple to monitor. Within the analytics page of their advertising platform, you can see total impressions, clicks, costs, orders, and even revenue from your promotional efforts. From this, you can quickly identify if advertising on the platform provides you a positive return on investment (ROI) or not.

11. Create a referral program

Although Etsy doesn’t have a feature in which you can set up a referral program, you can certainly think outside the box to create one. You can do this through discount codes and relying on a bit of honesty.

Here, you can organize a system in which a referral program can work through Etsy manually. For example, customers who have previously purchased from you, if they successfully supply a name and address of a user who just bought something, you can send them a 10% discount code for their referral.

12. Start prepping your promotions

No matter what type of promotional methods you choose to promote your Etsy shop, you’re going to be organized to ensure you’re getting maximum efficiency out of them. Depending on how precise and keen you are, you may want to invest in software like Breathe.

On this, you’ll be able to schedule when you’re going to upload certain pieces of content. For example, Wednesday at 16:00, I’ll upload two Facebook videos, and one Instagram picture, etc. By being organized, you’ll undoubtedly be more productive and gain more from your promotional efforts.

13. Seek influencers

Something else that can help you promote your Etsy store and massively increase sales is influencer marketing. To be successful at this, you’ll want to find a highly popular influencer with an audience based on your niche.

Once you have done this, you can then either pay them or send them some free samples in exchange for them promoting your Etsy store to their followers. Need some inspiration, have a look at these top 5 successful influencer marketing campaigns. From this, you can see the true power which this type of marketing can entail.

14. Consider PPC or CPM advertising

Another promotional method you may want to consider is PPC or CPM advertising on social media or search platforms. Although these can be highly lucrative, you’ll need to develop creative ways to identify converting customers. This is because you won’t be able to set up a pixel on the backend of Etsy.

One way you could achieve this is by having a designated discount code for your promotional efforts. This way, you could see if a specific target audience or keyword (depending on what advertising platform you use) is working.

15. Create offers and deals

Something I generally don’t see many sellers incorporate into their Etsy store is deals and offers. At the end of the day, people love a bargain and good value for money. So, why not give it to them? Here you’ll be able to bundle up some products and build a niched package around them.

For instance, if you owned a self-care Etsy shop and sell skin creams, facial soaps, etc. You may want to create something like a “beauty package”. Because it’s more expensive, you can lower the margin making it a “deal”. From this, people will see a good deal and consider buying the package rather than the single items themselves.

16. Back a charity

Another way to promote your Etsy shop is through charities. According to Forbes, shoppers under 40 prefer to give back through shopping rather than making direct charitable donations. This is a remarkable statistic considering Etsy is jammed-packed with millennials between 18 and 35 years old.

So, if you want to increase your sales, why not consider backing a charity you support? This way, you can advertise that a certain percentage of sales are donated to a specific cause. The approach is great, as everybody is a winner. However, failing to back your statements can result in false advertising and imprisonment.

17. Look to sell on other online marketplaces

If you only sell on Etsy, why not consider the other online marketplaces that are available to us? Consider Facebook Marketplace, eBay, Amazon, and Cratejoy. From this, you can generate more sales and supply promotional leaflets directing customers to your Etsy store.

Although Etsy is a huge online marketplace devoted to arts and crafts, it doesn’t mean you can’t make sales on other platforms. By increasing your customer base, you’ll enhance word of mouth, which will soon circulate and grow your Etsy business.

18. Develop better branding/packaging

It goes without saying, branding is absolutely everything. People perceive the quality and “hype” of your products through your branding and packaging. Let’s take bottled water, for example. It all tastes the same, is easily accessible, but all brands have different packaging and pricing. So, why do you pick a favorite? Well, the reason for that is branding.

Now you understand the effects of branding and packaging, why not review yours to ensure it’s adequate enough to generate some curiosity.

19. Always provide value over money

Repeat after me – Always provide value over money. This statement couldn’t be any more accurate, and for marketplace sellers that are only just beginning to sell on Etsy, you need to hear this. Etsy is a lucrative marketplace if you can establish yourself well in the market.

However, to become more popular on the platform, you’ll need reviews and dedicated buyers. Because of this, it may be a good idea to have a low margin when you’re starting out, with a plan of steadily increasing it over a set amount of time.

20. Tell a compelling story

People are always asking how do I promote my Etsy shop. Well, you have to start with a story. Something else which will help advertise your brand is coming up with a compelling story about why you’re doing what you’re doing. Customers love reasoning, so why not describe your reason to your customer? This way, they can develop a deeper connection with the shop owner.

After all, put yourself in the customer’s shoes. Who would you rather purchase from, someone who’s selling to make profits, or someone selling to pursue their lifetime career? I know who I’d certainly choose, so It’s more than worth detailing a small story somewhere on your profile.

21. Advertise in relatable magazines

It’s evident that magazines aren’t as popular as they once used to be. However, it doesn’t mean they don’t offer some lucrative profits. If you’re selling on Etsy, I assume you sell some type of crafts. Let’s take woodturning as an example.

Woodturning is a micro-niche, and something not many young people are experts in. Because of this, It’s more targeted towards the older generation, who typically still read magazines. Therefore, getting a small advertising area in a woodturning magazine may greatly benefit this type of Etsy store.

22. Consider YouTube

When I think of social media, YouTube undoubtedly crosses my mind. Although you may think YouTube won’t suit your niche, you’re mistaken. The number of genres on YouTube is immense, and around 55% of marketers use YouTube to promote businesses.

Included within this 55% of marketers is a whopping 2 billion monthly active users. Considering there are only just over 7.5 billion people in the world, you’re opening your Etsy shop to a vast amount of potential customers. Even if you have to market your content slightly differently to suit the platform, I would most definitely consider it as you’ll be surprised with the outcome.

23. Create a TikTok account

Staying inline about social platforms, and this next one is TikTok. TikTok is a new video-sharing platform that was only started in recent years, but it’s certainly taken the world by storm. According to Oberlo, TikTok has around 689 million active users worldwide. Although this is a shy 1.4 billion less than YouTube, considering it’s only been around for a number of years, it’s seriously impressive.

Included with these 689 million active users, 47% of them are aged between 10 and 29. This is great, as the audience correlates to the users that are commonly found on Etsy.

24. Think about Pinterest

The last social platform I would like to talk about is Pinterest. It’s a shame because this is commonly forgotten about, but it’s a great way to start generating some meaningful traffic. To excite Pinterest a little bit, I thought I would supply you with some needed-to-know information for you marketers.

Did you know that Pinterest has over 450 million active users? Included with these users is a lot of engagement also. On Pinterest, users can pin favorable pins. According to this data, more than 240 billion pins have been pinned by users on the platform.

25. Get vocal about your business

You should also be vocal about your business, to your family, friends, peers, everybody. The more people are aware of your business at the end of the day, the more likely they’ll come to you if they need a product you sell. So, next time someone asks you about your business, be excited and maybe ask them if they can keep you in mind if someone has a query related to your niche.

26. Provide value on Quora

Something else that many people are unaware of is a question-and-answer platform by the name of Quora. Although it may seem questionable whether or not you’ll be able to make a return on your efforts by answering questions, you indeed can if you answer the right ones.

On Quora, users ask questions and people answer them. Users with the best answers get featured in their answer box. Some questions have had hundreds and maybe even millions of views. Now, if it was relatable to your niche, you could sneak a small advertisement about your Etsy store and gain access to thousands of potential customers.

27. Exhibit at trade shows, car boots, everywhere

The more people that are aware of your Etsy shop, the better. No matter where you get customers from, you can always lead them to your shop. By exhibiting at trade shows, car boots, or even funfairs, you’re able to sell goods with directions to your Etsy store. Because you’ll typically travel around to these areas, they can find them on your store if they want more goods.

By all means, this is a great promotional tactic as it allows you to get close and personal with the customer. Here you can give a general impression of yourself, which impacts the customer much deeper than just purchasing online.

28. Provide outstanding customer service

It’s evident that remarkable customer service certainly goes a long way. It’s estimated that around 70% of companies worldwide say it’s cheaper to have reoccurring customers than generating new ones. Because of this, it’s best to supply superb services to the customers you currently have and focus on increasing the amount they spend, rather than getting new people to purchase from you.

29. Sponsor events

The last honorable way to promote your Etsy shop, which I’d like to discuss, is sponsored events. Depending on your niche, this could work amazingly. For example, if you sell woodturning consumables on Etsy like pen blanks, you may want to sponsor a woodturning event that relates back to your Etsy shop.


As you can see from the above, there are many different ways to promote your Etsy shop. Whether this is through online methods or offline, either can provide you with the results you’re looking for.

Now you understand what’s achievable, there’s only one real thing to do, and that’s put them into action. From this list of 29 Etsy promotional methods, you should be able to start implementing at least one of these advertising techniques and begin generating the store traffic you truly deserve.

So, what are you waiting for? Start planning and begin putting your words into action today!

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