15 Actionable Tips to Increase Amazon Sales Right Now

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No matter where you live in the world, selling on Amazon can be highly lucrative. Because of this, there’s a vast amount of competition you’re up against (6.2 million competitors, to be exact). Due to the mass number of people selling on this platform, it can be difficult to stand out from the crowd and generate sales you rightly deserve.

However, nothing is impossible, and many people find great success on this platform from optimizing what they already have. If you want to boost your Amazon sales, you’ve landed yourself on the correct page.

Below we go into detail about 15 actionable tips you can implement today to start increasing your sales. Some may require more attention to detail than others, but all are designed to maximize sales with products you currently have in your stock holdings.

Ready to increase your sales? Let’s get into this.

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1. Understand your pricing

Amazon, and its sellers, offer around 353 million different products on the platform. This is a remarkable amount of stock, so it’s rare to find products that aren’t already being sold on this marketplace.

Because there’s such a vast amount, you really need to get your pricing right to entice customers to purchase from you.

When you sell on Amazon, you have two options. These are:

  • You re-sell already branded products
  • You’ve created your own branded products

Depending on which option you’ve opted in for, you’ll want to take a different approach.

Re-selling branded products

If you’re re-selling branded products on Amazon, it’s likely that Amazon or another seller is already offering the goods for a set price. When this occurs, you’ll want to fight for something called the “buy box”. The buy box references to the “Add to Cart” and “Buy now” buttons.

When multiple people sell a specific product on Amazon, only one seller can “Win” or obtain ownership of these buttons. By winning these buttons, when a customer selects “Add to Cart” or “Buy Now”, you’ll automatically get the sale.

Considering 82% of all Amazon purchases are made through the Buy Box, it’s more than worth optimizing.

But, what does pricing have to do with this? And how can I boost my Amazon sales?

Well, when you’re re-selling a product, Amazon typically favorites the cheapest option. Usually, if you’re the most affordable, you’ll automatically win the buy box through Amazon’s algorithm.

Selling your own branded products

When selling your own branded products, you won’t be competing against anyone for the buy box. This is because you’re the only person that has ownership of that product. But, just because you don’t need to fight for the buy box doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get your pricing right.

If you’re selling your own product, you’ll need to understand your target audience, your product, and the average pricing in the market. For instance, if you sell budget products, you’ll need and want to be the cheapest.

However, if you’re targeting high-end customers, you’ll want to be more expensive as these audiences are more interested in the price than the actual product.

As you can see, pricing plays a vital role in re-selling or selling your own branded goods. Now you understand this, why not re-evaluate your pricing to see if you’ve won the buy box or if it’s suitable for your target audience.

2. Consider offering Prime Delivery

Something else you’ll want to consider to increase your sales on Amazon is FBA or Prime. Having Prime delivery on your listings is extremely important, and you can achieve this with either FBA or optimizing your in-house deliveries.

For those who don’t know, Prime is a membership people can enroll in with Amazon. With this membership, they get various discounts, services, and most importantly, different shipping options.

When you’re subscribed to Prime, you’ll receive Prime Delivery, which is next-day delivery on all listings with the Prime logo.

Now, to get the Prime logo on your listings, you’ll need to be enrolled in Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA) or offer next-day delivery services with an external provider.

If you choose to opt-in for Prime, you’ll gain access to 200 million customers who are searching for Prime products. According to this post, having access to Prime Delivery can increase your sales by 30 to 50%.

3. Always have high-quality images

The next tip to start increasing your Amazon sales is textbook. Yep, this is the need to have high-quality images. When it comes to humans, it’s much easier to read a story through image than text. Because of this, you need to pack your listings with relevant, high-quality, and detailed images.

If you do this correctly, customers will get an accurate representation of what your product really is. Understandably, some negative reviews are left on listings because the images don’t suit the physical products, meaning the customer has been miss-sold goods.

To avoid negative reviews from occurring, do yourself a favor and only upload high-quality images of your products.

4. Improve your product descriptions

Moving away from images, and that’s the product description. When customers are shopping online, they need every detailed piece of information to ensure it’s suited to their requirements.

Failing to give adequate information in your listings can result in the customer having unanswered questions. If this occurs, they can quickly become discouraged to purchase your goods because they’re not sure if it’ll suit their needs.

To avoid this, it’s effortless. Put yourself in the customer’s shoes and review your listings. Think of the questions they may be asking themselves and see if your listing answers them.

Also, make sure there’s no spelling, grammar, or unnecessary words within the product description. This will make reading the description difficult for the user, and after seeing this, they’ll reflect on the product in the same way.

If you’re someone who really struggles with writing compelling content, I recommend you outsource this to someone. Because descriptions aren’t extremely wordy, it won’t be that much, and you’ll probably spend anywhere between $5 to $20.

5. Optimize your listings for sales

Although it can seem ideal to upload more products on Amazon to increase sales, you should try focusing on a small selection and increasing the conversion rate. From doing this, you’re able to test and learn about what converts viewers into customers.

Once you know how to maximize your listing’s potential, you should consider increasing your stock holdings.

According to this post, a reasonable conversion rate for Amazon listings is around 10 to 15 percent. So, aiming for this is more than ideal. But, how are you able to optimize for this?

Optimizing your listings to increase sales is rather time-consuming, but once you’ve completed it, you’ll just have to monitor it until the foreseeable.

Here’s what you can do to increase Amazon sales by improving your listings:

  • Enroll in Prime Delivery either through FBA or an external delivery service (only selected carriers), as Prime members have a conversion rate of 74%.
  • Review your listing description and ensure there are no spelling mistakes, grammar errors, or unnecessary bulky words. If you’re someone that struggles with this, consider outsourcing product descriptions on platforms like Fiverr.
  • Be sure your listing has all the appropriate information that customers may be looking for, such as size, voltage, compatibility, usage, etc.
  • Don’t be afraid to use capitalized text to ensure engagement throughout your listing. For example, you could capitalize important text about one of your product’s features.
  • Use high-quality images which provide value to the consumer. Remember, images are much easier to read than text.
  • After reviewing your listings and undergoing the above, you should monitor the process to see if your listings increase in sales. If they don’t, continue to optimize and really learn your audience.

6. Split test listings

If you’ve done any paid advertising, you’ll know the importance of split testing. However, if you haven’t, you may not even know what it is. For those who don’t know, let me explain.

Split testing is where you have two identical listings, but you change one of the same elements on the listing. After waiting for a while, you’ll want to see which listing performed the best.

When you’ve decided on a winner, you’ll then change the losing listings element to the winning listings element. Afterward, you can now test another element and so on.

In theory, you’re optimizing your listing to perform the best. Here are some elements you’re able to split test on Amazon:

  • Titles
  • Images
  • Pricing
  • Description
  • Keywords

The most significant rule of thumb for split testing is only to test one element at a time. From doing this, you’ll be able to identify what’s really driving the conversions.

Without a doubt, making these adjustments may seem minor. But, after successfully split testing each element, you’ll see a significant increase in sales than you once did before.

7. Win the buy box

We briefly mentioned how price plays a vital role in winning the buy box, but there are a few more variables that also affect your buy box winnings.

Here’s what they’re:

  • Having Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA) listings will radically increase the chances of you winning the buy box.
  • Having the lowest price also plays a vital role in winning the buy box. This includes both product price and handling fees.
  • You’ll need fast delivery if you want to win the buy box. The best opportunity you have to win the buy box with delivery is by offering next-day (AKA Prime Delivery).
  • Next, you’ll need to be consistent with your pricing. If you’re selling a highly competitive product, you need to keep a stable price, even if you get a price increase.
  • Another important factor in winning the buy box is your overall account health. This is determined by various factors such as seller feedback, order defect rate, and other seller metrics like customer reply time.
  • Lastly, the total quantity of a product. For example, Amazon’s buy box algorithm will favor sellers that hold 10x a product rather than a small 1x.

As you can see, various elements may affect your chances of winning or losing the buy box on Amazon.

If you’re re-selling goods, the importance of this is astronomical. It’s estimated that around 82% of all Amazon sales go through the buy box, and this percentage is even higher on mobile.

That statistic alone should be enough for you to realize the sheer importance of this.

8. Use Amazon’s paid advertising

For years, we’ve been riddled with a lie that Google is the largest platform for product searches. Although that can seem questionable, it’s estimated that around 54% of all product searches occur on Amazon. From understanding this, you’ll quickly become knowledgeable of the power that Amazon’s pay-per-click (PPC) advertising can entail.

On Amazon, you can promote your listings on the platform to increase their viewability for those who don’t know. When you promote a listing this way, it’ll automatically be sent to the top of a search query if the customer suits the algorithm’s requirements.

Let’s say you’ve listed some coffee mugs but have noticed they haven’t sold. After reviewing your listing, you find that on the search term “Coffee Mugs”, your listing is on the third page of the search term.

This won’t get you any sales, which minimizes the chances of getting on the first page. However, to stop this issue from occurring, you can promote your listing to the top of the first page.

Depending on the competitiveness of the product, the price-per-click will vary. However, as a rule of thumb, the price-per-click should never be 2.5% more of your product’s sale price. Paying more could result in you becoming less profitable or even negative when you make a sale.

9. Get more reviews

Another essential tip you need to remember when you want to boost Amazon sales is reviews. The importance of reviews is crucial. It doesn’t just increase the chances of you winning the buy box or ranking higher in searches, but it also enhances the possibilities of people doing business with you.

If you want to increase reviews, you need to consider implementing the below strategies:

  • Request a review – On Amazon, you have a “Request a Review” button. You can click this, and Amazon will prompt the customer that they should leave you a review.
  • Product inserts – If you’re shipping your own products, you could remind them inside the packaging. To increase the review rate, you could create an offer in exchange for a review. For example, you could send a small business card within your packaging explaining that you’ll send them additional goods with their next order if they review your product.
  • Customer service – Something people miscomprehend is the power of customer service. People will be much more inclined to give you a positive review if you offer absolutely flawless customer service.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask – For customers to make an order on Amazon, they need to create an account. When they order, you gain access to their account information. Because of this, you can send them a small and polite message just asking them if they’d leave a review. Although it may sound needy, many customers will understand the importance and feel more encouraged to give you a review.

I can’t stress the importance of reviews. After all, 84 percent of people trust online reviews as much as they trust a friend. Knowing this should be more of a reason to optimize for positive reviews.

10. Manage your inventory correctly

To increase your Amazon sales, you can also perform actions outside of the platform. This next actionable tip to boost Amazon sales is inventory management.

Having a stable inventory will enhance your buy box winnings and also your profits. There’s nothing worse than running out of stock and having to wait weeks for it. To avoid these issues, you need to think about the below:

  • Be friendly with your supplier, and ask for information about stock, delivery time, and seasonal holidays. After all, your supplier is your best friend, so why not keep in contact with them?
  • You should also be aware of your average sell rate and supplier’s delivery times. Knowing this information can guarantee you don’t order too late.
  • If you can’t keep track of your inventory externally or on Amazon, consider investing in stock management software like Veeqo. On this software, you’re able to manage stock, ship, analyze forecasts, and much more with a few clicks of a button.

As you can see, managing your stock can be as easy or complex as you want it to be. But, without a doubt, it’s a crucial step you need to consider when you’re selling on Amazon. The more active listings you have on Amazon, the more sales you’ll generate.

11. Improve packaging

If you’re sending out your own products, you should improve your packaging/branding. Branding is vital for both people that are re-selling goods and also selling their own labeled products.

By developing packaging with a superb opening experience and remembrance, you increase the chances that a customer will remember your brand.

After all, it’s estimated that it takes around 5 to 7 impressions for people to remember a brand. If you know this, you’ll want to try and reduce the number of impressions needed to remember your brand. From doing this, you’ll dramatically increase the chances of them returning and spending more money with you.

If the above hasn’t urged you to invest in better packaging/branding, you may want to hear this. It’s estimated that gaining a new customer is 5 to 25 times more expensive than retaining one. Knowing this can quickly change your perception of how important packaging really is.

However, retaining a customer isn’t just cheaper. They also spent more, as they’re known to increase profits by 95%.

As you can see, having solidified branding is essential to generating continuous profits. Failing to achieve this will result in your sales plummeting.

So, try to capture customers for a lifetime like your Amazon seller’s account depends on it.

12. Offer excellent customer service

If you want to improve your customer return rate and ultimately boost Amazon sales, you need to provide remarkable customer service. When selling on Amazon, you’ll be thrown all sorts of questions, and some may be easier to answer more than others.

However, it would be best if you responded to each question with quality in mind. If a customer asks for some product information, don’t just copy and paste details from your listing.

Instead, take in their question and try to answer it in the best and most detailed way possible.

From providing this level of service, customers are 97% more likely to speak about the quality of service you provide. Including this, 24% of customers will happily continue to do business with you for two or more years after experiencing good service.

13. Consider off-Amazon paid advertising

Something else you may want to consider is off-Amazon advertising and especially if you’re selling your own-branded items. From this, you’ll increase the customer flow, sales, reviews and enhance your listings viewability on the platform.

If you’re considering off-Amazon paid advertising, be aware that you’ll need to learn some additional skills to make it profitable. Here are some paid advertising methods you should try which are off Amazon’s platform:

  • Search – A popular choice of paid advertising is a pay-per-click (PPC) method on search platforms. Currently, the two favorable search platforms are Google and Bing. On each advertising platform, you’re able to promote your Amazon listing based on specific keywords. For example, if you’re selling mugs, you can promote your listings URL on a keyword like “Mugs for sale in the US” or something similar.
  • Social – Another popular choice is through social media, and this can be through a PPC or CPM (cost-per-thousand views) structure. An excellent place to start with social media advertising is Facebook. But other sites like Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, and LinkedIn also work superbly depending on your target audience.
  • Native – Ever seen a small square advertising box on websites? That’s native advertising, and it’s super cheap and affordable.

As you can see, there are various options you can opt-in for depending on your target audience and requirements.

However, doing this can be rather expensive if you’re not experienced within the industry.

But, if you can learn this skill, you’ll generate an abundance of different customers.

14. Compile keyword research

When creating a listing, you’ll be asked to provide a selection of keywords that are related to your product. These keywords are essential as they’ll determine how your listing will be found on the platform.

An excellent way to find keywords that are related to your product is by using keyword tools.

On this platform, you’ll type in your product or the industry. Afterward, it’ll give you a list of long-tail keywords, which you should type into the keyword section of your listing.

While providing you with long-tail keywords, it’ll also give you the search volume, trend, CPC, and competition. This way, you can analyze whether or not it’s worth putting it in your keyword suggestions.

Optimizing your keywords is important on Amazon. But you can also optimize for search engines. Because Amazon is such a popular website, they have extremely high domain authority. Due to this, it makes it super easy to rank for specific keywords on Google.

By using SEO tools like Semrush, you’re able to find good keywords to rank for. When you’re on the platform, you’ll need to search for a relatable keyword, and it’ll give you a list of similar keywords. From this, you’re able to select high-traffic keywords and include them in your product descriptions, text, and even images.

If you’re looking to increase Amazon sales, this is a tremendous actionable tip you should consider.

15. Re-evaluate your listings

After reading all of the above actionable tips to increase Amazon sales, you need to put them into action. Most of the above require you to revaluate your listings, so why not do it?

Decide which tips you’re going to take action on and create a checklist. After, slowly go through each and every listing and enhance them by using the above suggestions.

You’ll be truly grateful for the benefits you’ll receive from implementing the above tips.

Final Words

Now you understand a broad number of tips that can increase Amazon sales; it’s time to start putting them to work. Without a doubt, all of the above can dramatically help your listing’s overall performance if you introduce them correctly.

When implementing the above, be sure to monitor the process to see if they’re working. Doing this will give you a better insight and can help you decide which tips are worth spending time on or not.

If you are also selling on Etsy, be sure to check our post for promoting your Etsy store.

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