Digital Products to Sell on Etsy in 2024 – 126 Ideas

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The Digital Media industry is expected to grow substantially in the next few years, with revenues reaching over $330 billion by 2022. This growth is largely due to the increasing demand for digital products.

Additionally, the number of consumers in the ePublishing segment is expected to grow significantly, reaching nearly 1.7 billion by 2026. With this being said, there are a variety of digital products that entrepreneurs can sell on Etsy to take advantage of this industry growth.

Digital products are a great way to start your business on Etsy or increase your sales for your existing business and grow your business as the marketplace’s active buyers are growing significantly.

When most people think of Etsy, the first thing that comes to mind is usually handmade items. While this is still true, there are now many digital products being sold on the marketplace. In fact, digital products have become one of the best-selling items on Etsy. This is likely due in part to the fact that they are easy to produce and can be sold to a global audience.

By taking advantage of the wide range of digital tools available today, creative entrepreneurs can quickly and easily create high-quality products that can be sold on Etsy with very little overhead.

Here are some best-selling digital product ideas and listing examples you can sell on Etsy we’ve seen sellers have success with.

Printable Organizers and Planners

These types of products are perfect for those who love pretty and functional organization. You can create printable organizers for almost anything, from meal planning to budgeting to keeping track of your baby’s schedule.

There are a ton of great examples of printable organizers on Etsy. If you’re interested in creating printable organizers to sell, check out the ideas, Etsy shops and listings we compiled below.

  1. Daily planner (Listing by MyLifePlans)
  2. Daily to-do list (Listing by CreativeJamCo)
  3. Monthly calendar (Listing by CottageHavenLane)
  4. Goal setting worksheet (Listing by PlanLifePrintable)
  5. Circle habit tracker (Listing by paperbien)
  6. Book reading tracker (Listing by paperbien)
  7. Year calendar (Listing by MyLifePlans)
  8. Password log (Listing by PlanPrintLand)
  9. Address book/contact list (Listing by EasyPlannerCo)
  10. Family chore chart (Listing by OvCreativeStudio)
  11. Weekly cleaning checklist (Listing by paperbien)
  12. Daily reflection (Listing by paperbien)
  13. Birthday tracker (Listing by OvCreativeStudio)
  14. Project planner (Listing by MindfulHustlePlan)
  15. Pomodoro tracker (Listing by paperbien)
  16. Work log (Listing by WriteIdeaDesign)
  17. Travel planner (Listing by EverythingPrintable1)
  18. Christmas planner (Listing by PlanLifePrintable)
An Etsy digital product listing's cover photo called Circle Habit Tracker
Printable Circle Habit Tracker – Credit: paperbien @Etsy

School & College Planners

School and college planners are other great examples of digital products that can be sold on Etsy. They are perfect for students of all ages and can help keep them organized and on track.

Here are some top-selling ideas for school and college planners that you could create:

  1. Weekly study planner (Listing by paperbien)
  2. Exam checklist & schedule (Listing by paperbien)
  3. Assignment planner (Listing by PuffinPagesCo)
  4. Student planner templates (Listing by EmmaStudies)
  5. Academic subject overview (Listing by PuffinPagesCo)
  6. Subject/course to-do list (Listing by WaytoPlan)
  7. Grade tracker (Listing by PlanPrintLand)
  8. Lecture notes page (Listing by PlanPrintLand)
An Etsy digital product listing's cover photo called Student Planner
Student Planner Bundle – Credit: EmmaStudies @Etsy 

Digital Planners

Digital planners are on the top of the list for best-selling digital products on Etsy. This is likely because they are so versatile and can be used on tablets, computers and smartphones.

Here are some popular types of digital planners that you could create:

  1. All-in-one digital planner (Listing by AmethystGarnet)
  2. Student planner (Listing by AmethystGarnet)
  3. Digital notebook (Listing by AmethystGarnet)
  4. Note papers (Listing by AmethystGarnet)
  5. Digital reading journal (Listing by AmethystGarnet)
  6. Recipe journal (Listing by AmethystGarnet)
  7. Finance planner (Listing by AmethystGarnet)
An Etsy digital product listing's cover photo called Digital Recipe Journal
Digital Recipe Journal – Credit: AmethystGarnet @Etsy

Finance trackers

Finance trackers are perfect for keeping track of your expenses, budget and savings. They can be used for both personal and business purposes.

Here are some popular finance tracker ideas that you could create:

  1. Budget planner (Listing by LiveLovePlanners)
  2. Bill payment tracker (Listing by paperbien)
  3. Weekly check-in (Listing by AllThePlans)
  4. Debt payoff tracker (Listing by OvCreativeStudio)
  5. Sinking funds tracker (Listing by ThePlannerRoom)
  6. Spending log (Listing by FRGLMAMA)
  7. Annual bill checklist (Listing by paperbien)
  8. Savings insert (Listing by PlannerGate)
An Etsy digital product listing's cover photo called Debt Payoff Trackers
Printable Debt Payoff Trackers – Credit: OvCreativeStudio @Etsy

Self-care Templates

Self-care is important for everyone, and there are a lot of great templates available to help people take care of themselves. If you’re interested in creating self-care templates to sell on Etsy, here are some ideas to get you started:

  1. Self-care planner (Listing by CreativeJamCo)
  2. Mood tracker (Listing by paperbien)
  3. Daily habit tracker (Listing by MyLifePlans)
  4. Daily gratitude journal (Listing by MyTypePaperCo)
  5. Sleep tracker (Listing by paperbien)
  6. Period tracker (Listing by paperbien)
  7. Affirmation cards for kids (Listing by PinkBayDesigns)
  8. Dream log (Listing by ScatteredPrintables)
  9. Weekly wellness planner (Listing by paperbien)

Health & Mental Health Trackers

Health and mental health trackers are perfect for tracking mental and physical health, as well as progress on goals related to personal health.

If you’re planning to create health and mental health trackers to sell on Etsy, here are some ideas:

  1. Monthly step tracker (Listing by paperbien)
  2. Lab results tracker (Listing by LiveMinimalPlanners)
  3. Depression tracker (Listing by paperbien)
  4. ADHD tracker (Listing by paperbien)
  5. Bipolar mood tracker (Listing by paperbien)
  6. Blood pressure logs (Listing by TroyesDigitalDesign)
  7. Medication tracker (Listing by WriteIdeaDesign)
  8. Migraine tracker (Listing by LiveMinimalPlanners)
An Etsy digital product listing's cover photo called Medication Tracker
Printable Medication Tracker – Credit: WriteIdeaDesign @Etsy

Fitness & Nutrition Planners

Fitness and nutrition planners help people to track their progress and stay on track with their fitness and eating goals. Find the listings below for inspiration:

  1. Meal planning template (Listing by CreativeJamCo)
  2. Weight loss tracker (Listing by OvCreativeStudio)
  3. Daily workout planner (Listing by MindfulHustlePlan)
  4. Daily food diary (Listing by FRGLMAMA)
  5. Intermittent fasting tracker (Listing by paperbien)
  6. Food journal (Listing by phenixprintable)
  7. Weekly calories log (Listing by paperbien)

Editable Wedding Templates

If you’re interested in creating wedding templates that can be edited to fit any couple’s needs, you’re in luck! There are a lot of great ideas for wedding templates that can be sold on Etsy.

Check out the below examples for inspiration:

  1. Wedding announcement template (Listing by GeorgiaBlueDesignCo)
  2. Save the date card (Listing by MarryMePaperBoutique)
  3. Welcome sign (Listing by MyHappyPlacePrint)
  4. Seating chart (Listing by MarryMePaperBoutique)
  5. Wedding place card (Listing by MarryMePaperBoutique)
  6. Wedding planner (Listing by FreckledFoxPrints)
  7. Wedding budget planner (Listing by visuelstudioco)
  8. Wedding program (Listing by MarryMePaperBoutique)
  9. Bridal shower game (Listing by EasyEditable)
  10. Wedding checklist (Listing by CutieDesignCo)
  11. Bridesmaid card (Listing by NaturalPaperie)
  12. Bachelorette party game (Listing by ohhappyprintables)
An Etsy digital product listing's cover photo called Printable Wedding Announcement
Wedding Announcement Template – Credit: GeorgiaBlueDesignCo @Etsy

Marketing templates & checklists

Marketing templates and checklists can be used by business owners, Etsy sellers and entrepreneurs of all levels to help with their marketing efforts.

If you’re good at creating marketing ideas and guidelines, here are some ideas to get you started:

  1. Marketing planner bundle (Listing by AmmaRoseDesigns)
  2. Etsy shop assets (Listing by TrendyFoxStudio)
  3. Wix website template (Listing by RosyGraphicDesign)
  4. Social Media planner (Listing by EverythingPrintable1)
  5. Blog content planner (Listing by MarketingTemplatesCo)
  6. Printable tags (Listing by WeDoHoney)
  7. Instagram templates (Listing by ParsimoniaDesigns)
  8. Instagram carousels (Listing by templatesbygabi)

Design Elements

Design elements are an important part of any product (digital or not), and they can be used to make sellers’ products look professional and appealing to buyers.

Here are some design elements that you could create and sell on Etsy to increase your sales:

  1. Fonts (Listing by AllouseStudio)
  2. Craft / DIY patterns (Listing by StudioHandworks)
  3. Photoshop brushes (Listing by jenteva)
  4. Clip arts (Listing by LenArteStudio)
  5. SVG files (Listing by CustomlaserworxShop)
  6. Icons (Listing by AYxSTUDIOS)
  7. Digital papers (Listing by SweetShopDesign)
  8. Digital stickers (Listing by ZakkaDigital)
  9. Illustrations (Listing by oflifeandlemons)
  10. Lightroom presets (Listing by KatherineDream)
An Etsy digital product listing's cover photo called Digital Stickers
Digital Stickers – Credit: ZakkaDigital @Etsy

Family Printables

Family printables are a great way to celebrate family life and keep memories safe. Here are some ideas to get you started:

  1. Baby shower invitation (Listing by DIYPaperBoutique)
  2. Baby shower game (Listing by DIYPaperBoutique)
  3. Pregnancy announcement calendar (Listing by AyaPaperBoutique)
  4. Welcome template (Listing by BeingHappyPrints)
  5. Nursery wall art (Listing by Handmadedesignsinc)
  6. Family tree template (Listing by SuzyLouShop)

Various Spreadsheets and Docs

Some popular and creative spreadsheet & document ideas that you could create are;

  1. Invoice spreadsheet (Listing by SmarterSheets)
  2. Editable resume & CV (Listing by ResumeCollectivePlus)
  3. Employee leave tracker (Listing by someka)
  4. Customer database (Listing by someka)
  5. Kanban board (Listing by someka)
  6. Tournament Fixture Generator (Listing by someka)
  7. Social media content calendar (Listing by StudioSwainCo)
  8. Brain dump spreadsheet (Listing by PeregrineDesignAu)
  9. Wedding spreadsheet (Listing by ManjaSheets)

Art Prints

Art prints are a great way to decorate a home or an office, and they make great gifts for friends and family. That makes them perfect to sell on Etsy!

Some ideas for art prints that you could create and sell:

  1. Personalized wall arts (Listing by RivieraCottageCrafts)
  2. Insprational wall arts (Listing by ArtPrintsFactory)
  3. Personalized pet portrait (Listing by Daintydoodledesignsx)
  4. Bathroom prints (Listing by AnonymousPHOTO)
  5. Quote posters (Listing by TheWallArtPrintStore)
  6. Dall-E art print (Listing by FrameOrWall)

Cheatsheets & Info Cards

Cheatsheets, checklists and info cards are a great way to provide helpful information to your buyers in an easily accessible format.

If you’re good at creating checklists, find the following ideas for content that you could create:

  1. Etsy seller guide (Listing by AttentionGetting)
  2. SEO checklist (Listing by JanuaryMadeDesign)
  3. Keto grocery list (Listing by IrisStudiosGB)
  4. Low carb food list (Listing by FitHappyStore)
  5. Tarot cheatsheet (Listing by WitchOfTheDivine)
  6. Astrology cheatsheets (Listing by TheAlmostWitch)
  7. Chakra cards (Listing by SarahElkinCo)
  8. Notion project planner (Listing by CasstellaCo)
  9. All-in-one planner (Listing by TemplateArchitects)
  10. Life planner for Notion (Listing by TheSeekerSociety)

Creating digital products to sell on Etsy can be a great way to make some extra money. If you have skills in designing or creating digital products, there are a lot of ideas for content that you can create and sell on the platform.

Keep in mind that what you create should be high quality and appealing to buyers if you want to see an increase in sales. With a little effort, you can start earning money from your digital products in no time!

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